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ENtities is a selection of the five best short stories from BegottEN and the five best stories from IdenTITIES. It includes the following:

  • Family History

  • The Toad Who Was a Poet

  • The Cave

  • The Man in the Mirror

  • Dawn

  • The Dream

  • Inner Monsters (or Fable in One Act)

  • The Night Walk

  • The Avaricious Man

  • Ants



of prayer


A priest tormented by his instincts. Is this a pointless fight against the devil or a test of the heavens? A pregnant novice. Is it a transgression of the rules or a miracle in times of skepticism? A parade of exalted characters who defend the foundations of doctrine, and others, from miserable existences, whose lives call into question the foundations that support theology. Despite the crudeness of its lines, this novel is a spiritual book.


All love letters

are ridiculous


Eloísa, an old woman who, in her youth was brutally sexually abused by three masked men, remembers on the last day of her life the stark story that marked her. She tells it to one of the nurses in the sanatorium in which she is dying while allowing her to scrutinize a ringed booklet that contains printed all the letters that she exchanged in his youth with Abelard, the only love of her life.


American Bestiary


Urban myths and legends from all over America are condensed in this collection.

“Creatures of the night and the sun. Covered Lady, Muqui, Yasy Yeteré, Alligator Man, Kharisiri, Whistler, Widow, Telesita, Curupira, Tata Elf, Cadejo, Just Judge of the Night, Witch Monkey, Holy Death, Demon of Dover, Wendigo, Girl with a scarf, The Crying Girl. Creatures of the underworld, let us unite in this new era in which humanity has degenerated and is the scum of the universe”.




Over the course of a year, I undertook the task of working with twenty cartoons that stimulated my imagination. All the poems, stories and monologues, in a way concatenated, retain a global vision although at first glance they appear as disconnected flashes in an exhibition of fireworks. This book aims to be a celebration of humor and irony, but at the same time it aspires to become a rare invitation to reflection and strangeness.